Side Money From Blogging? Here’s How

Charles Bailey

If you’re looking for something fun and interesting to do as a side job and hobby that will also effortlessly earn you some extra money, then blogging might be something to look into.  Blogging as a pasttime kind of has the stigma of a mom at home writing about how she does arts and crafts with her kids, or writing about recipes.  However, blogging can be about anything under the sun, and it is much wider than simply writing a few cute posts.

Your website can be about anything you want.  Ride motorcycles?  Make it a community about that, offering your best tips and information.  Or it could be about woodworking, showcasing your latest projects.  It could even be about how you have been landscaping your yard.  Blogging is just as much for dudes as it is for ladies.  And it’s no longer considered the realm of nerds or geeks.  Creating a blog is so easy these days that most anyone can do it.

The best kept secret is that since so many people are on the internet buying stuff that it’s becoming even easier than ever to make money by pursuing a passion project.  Affiliate programs are everywhere, and Google adsense is another great avenue to make some extra cash.

So how can you get started with this side project?  The first step is to learn the basics.  I wrote a post all about how to start a blog over at my first ever money site, Surfing Handbook.  That was the first site I ever made to try to make money and it’s still going strong almost 10 years later.  I make about $300-$400 bucks a month from this site, and I barely do anything.  I just wrote a bunch of great content early on, got some links, and then monetized it with some adsense and Amazon affiliate links.  When I first started this site Amazon only had a handful of surfing related items for sale, but now it’s a veritable surf shop so my monetization options are much bigger with Amazon.

The cool thing about Surfing Handbook is that I had a lot of fun doing it.  It really didn’t feel like I was working because I love surfing and I really liked writing about it.  I was able to score some free items and write reviews of them.  There’s nothing more fun than getting free product and then testing it out and writing up a review.  It’s like being sponsored, despite the fact that I’ll never be a professional surfer.

If you do decide to start up a blog then I encourage you not to expect instant results and instant riches.  It takes some time to build up some content and momentum.  However if you make sure it’s quality then you’ll have a lot more success.  You can also follow some full time bloggers that also make great money such as Neil Patel and others.  They have a ton of free content that will get you started down the road to a great side income that could eventually become a full time income.

Need a Future? Learn a Second Language

Charles Bailey

learnanewlanguageAs the world seems to shrink more every year, the need to communicate with people in other countries becomes increasingly important. Businesses, the military, and even social media, demand that individuals become fluent in more than one language. The question then becomes, which languages are going to be most important in the future? While evolving political and economic trends will ultimately dictate which languages are most important to know, there are some obvious choices topping the list today.

Military and other security organizations are always looking for anyone with Chinese, Arabic, Russian and other language expertise. Individuals who want to make themselves invaluable to those types of organizations need to learn languages that are viewed as being strategic today, as well as languages that are on the verge of gaining strategic importance. Linguistics experts are always in demand, and learning a new language can often secure a solid future.

Businesses are also in the hunt for multi-lingual speakers who can communicate effectively with individuals around the world. At this point, speakers of Chinese, Korean, Russian and a variety of other languages are all being actively recruited by corporations with international interests. Because the business world is changing rapidly, tracking the economic importance of countries like Brazil and Argentina is recommended. Learning Spanish or Portuguese would not be unwise, as their economic importance is quickly evolving.

There is also a new emphasis being placed on simply knowing a second, or even third, language as a way of communicating with others outside our own culture. Understanding how other people view themselves in a global society is important as a means of easing tensions around the world. Online social media venues allow anyone to communicate with people in far flung parts of the world, and learning about each other can make it easier to grasp international politics in a meaningful way.

No matter what the reason, learning a second language can open new doors for anyone. There are many approaches to learning a new language, but using technology as a learning tool is gaining in popularity. Programs like Rosetta Stone, Rocket Languages and Speak From Day 1 all offer ways to learn a second language. Learners can use the programs to learn at their convenience and at their own speed. For an improved future, learning a second language is a great start.