Why Is The Music Video Industry Dead?

Charles Bailey

musicvideoThere was a time where people would tune into TV networks like MTV and spend hours listening to music both new and old. MTV would play a plethora of music videos throughout the day. These videos were entertaining and to some people they were true works of art. In exchange for getting to listen to the music for free, people would rush out to the store and buy CDs of the songs that they enjoyed. This would turn into profit for everyone who had anything to do with the making of the videos in the first place. In a way, you could say a music video is nothing more than an advertisement for music played on television.

For a while it was pretty hard to turn the television on without a music video playing on one of the stations. If you’ve spent a lot of time watching television recently you’ve probably noticed that these videos just are not playing like they used to. This has a lot of people wondering what happened and what changed in the music industry?

The reason why you are not seeing music videos pop up on television like you used to is because there is not any money in it like there used to be. If you polled people anonymously most of them are going to tell you that they love music and they get music all of the time, but they do not pay for it anymore. Furthermore, people just do not go out and buy CDs like they used to.

Thanks to the Internet you really do not have to go out and buy CDs, so the individuals producing the music videos would end up spending a lot more money than they are making which is why it has become a dead industry. People are either going to go online and purchase a very cheap MP3 of the song or they are just going to find and download the song without buying it at all. A music video might increase the exposure of your song, but that does not mean that it is going to make you any money like it used to.